Our Services

Access to Our Services

The first step in accessing our services is to complete a referral form and send that to us.

A downloadable form is available here:


At present we need a signed, completed form. If you would prefer to write or ring for a form please call us on 01925 423717 or write to us info@pathwayccs.org

You may also be referred by someone in our local voluntary or statutory agencies – in which case they may have forms for you to fill in.

Once we have received your form we will contact you to let you know that it has been received and that you are on our waiting list, we will try to give you an idea of how long it will be before we can see you. As a free counselling service, the demand for our services sometimes prevents us from seeing people as quickly as we would like to.

Once your name comes to the top of the list you will be contacted and offered an initial assessment appointment.

Why Choose Pathway Community Counselling Service?

People come for counselling for a wide range of reasons.
These are some of the issues we may be able to help you with:

What is Counselling?

Counselling provides an opportunity to explore problems or issues affecting your life in a welcoming and confidential environment. You will not be told what to do.

Counselling does not usually offer a quick or easy solution but you will be able to look at emotional pain and difficult feelings and situations in a safe way.

Counselling should help you to find you own inner strengths and help you to make positive choices and find a way forward in your life.

Who Can Come?

ANYONE! – We offer a fully inclusive service. We treat everyone with respect, dignity and consideration.

Will it cost anything?

You can access our service FREE OF CHARGE. However any monetary donations towards the cost of providing and maintaining our services will be gratefully received. Donation envelopes are available in Pathway or you can donate online by clicking this link [donation form].

How Often will I be Seen

Once your application has been accepted you will be offered an initial assessment appointment. Following this, if we feel that we can help you, you would normally be offered up to eight sessions of 50 minutes, one session each week.